Laytown is 50 km (30 mi) north of the nation’s capital,   Dublin.   


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Laytown and neighbouring village, Bettystown, sit on one of Ireland’s most scenic beachfronts.

 The beach stretches from Mornington at the River Boyne, which borders County Louth to Gormanston at the River Delvin, which borders County Dublin.

 River Nanny enters the sea at  Laytown



Laytown, Mouth of the River Nanny, Meath, Ireland

River Nanny

Laytown sits on the mouth of the River Nanny, a tidal estuary where mullet, trout, eels, gobies and flounder can be caught – but no salmon.

 According to local folklore, Saint Patrick banished all the salmon from the river.

 By an old schoolhouse overlooking the river there is a spring known as St Patrick’s Well.


About Meath

Meath, Ireland’s Heritage Capital – a rich and royal land


 Some of the places to visit during your stay.

Local Attractions


“The Boyne Heritage Park”

    ” Newgrange”

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   “Malahide Castle and Gardens”

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” Drogheda Town Centre.”



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Dublin City 

Great for shopping Theatres, galleries, museums, restaurants,

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Visit the world famous Guinness brewery.

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